While this is a goal of our's, we are unable to provide childcare at this time. There are a couple of extended hour daycares within a few miles of the location but we were not able to procure services for this event.

Familes are welcome and encouraged to attend and watch the demos on Saturday afternoon.

Yes! We welcome folks of all levels to attend.

We do ask that everyone participate for both days. This ensures that teams can work together on the project the entire time.

We assign teams to be a mix of expertise and experiences. We know that it can sometimes be stressful to try and find a team in advance, so we take the guesswork out of it.

We will have vegan and gluten-free options for every meal. If you have additional allergies, we try to accommodate as much as we can and have the catering be labeled as clearly as possible.

If you have a severe allergy and cross-contamination could be life-threatening, then bringing your own food is recommended.

As much as we'd love to meet your furry friends, we aren't able to have anything except for service animals attend the event.

Please share pics with us though!


There is street parking but parking times and fees will need to be abided by. There are a number of parking lots close by as well.

If you are able to take public transportation, we highly recommend it. We are not far from the bus mall downtown where you can take most bus / max lines to and then walk 4-5 blocks.

The address and a map are located on the contact us page.

There are staples on the sidewalk in front of the building, but we will also provide access to indoor bike parking should you prefer that.


Unfortunately, we will not have computers/laptops available to loan out.

There are adapters for Macs to present on the big monitors, but we highly recommend bringing your own. HDMI is a sure bet if you have an adapter to that for your computer.

Yes! We will have plenty of all the standard office supplies, but feel free to bring your lucky glitter sharpies if you want too.

Laptop, power cord, apapters, headphones and anything else that will help you through the 24 hours.